BUGS!!! Mosquitoes, black flies, deerflies…the list goes on and on. Every year, it’s the same thing, once the weather starts to warm up, we become dinner to those pesky, bugs. So what can we do to avoid being eaten alive?


Still Water

If you don’t want to be on the menu, then you will definitely want to avoid still water, as that is where bugs tend to congregate. These areas are places like fallen trees, long grass, swamps, lowlands and anywhere that water can pool and sit.



Simply put, in the woods you need to use bug repellents that contain DEET and the higher concentration of DEET, the better. Muskol (30% DEET) or Deep Woods OFF (25 – 30 % DEET) are two great brands and you can get them for under $10. There DEET free repellents but I have not found any that work as well.


One other way to help fight off pests is to wear long clothes. Wearing full pants and long sleeves will definitely help reduce the number of bites that you will get. Also, wear pants and shirts with elastics in them or put elastics around the ends. This will eliminate the chances of bugs getting inside your clothes. The colours of your clothes will also make a big difference. Bugs are attracted to dark colours. So, try to avoid wearing dark colours (blue, black, etc.) and wear light colours (tan, white, pink, etc.) While these colours may not always be as attractive looking or they may get dirty, it’s better than being bitten.

Bug ShirtNetting

If you would rather not use chemicals you could try using bug nets or bug jackets. These articles of clothing are made from tightly-woven fabric that bugs cannot bite through. While these won’t keep the bugs away, they will definitely help you avoid getting bitten.

While there no sure-fire ways to beat these unwanted critters, especially during Canadian springs, there are things that you can do to help reduce the number of bites that you will receive. Use these suggestions as they will help.

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