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Canoe Paddles

Parts of the Paddle

Just like canoes, paddles come in many different shapes and sizes. Each of these paddles serves different purposes but all paddles have the same parts, even if they look a little different. For example, some shafts are straight, while others are bent. Whether you are communicating with others on the water, helping someone with their …

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Paddle Length

Having the proper length of paddle is necessary as it will make you more comfortable, allow you to generate more power and give you more control with each stroke. Listed below are three very basic methods that you can use to tell if your paddle is the right length for you. However, just like a …

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Paddle Materials

Wood About: Wooden paddles are the most commonly used paddles. Pros: warmer in hands, can feel the water movement of the water better,¬†flexes to absorb shock, lighter than aluminum/polyethylene paddles. Cons: heavier than fibreglass paddles, requires some maintenance (varnish, sanding). Fibre Composite About: materials (fibreglass, carbon and graphite) are generally used for racing because they …

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