Parts of the Paddle

Just like canoes, paddles come in many different shapes and sizes. Each of these paddles serves different purposes but all paddles have the same parts, even if they look a little different. For example, some shafts are straight, while others are bent.

Whether you are communicating with others on the water, helping someone with their paddling technique or if your paddle breaks, knowing the different parts of the paddle is important.

Canoe Paddle

BLADE: The wide, flat end of the paddle.
GRIP: The top of a paddle. The two most popular shapes are the pear grip and the T-grip. The pear grip is used for general canoeing and the T-grip is mostly used for white-water canoeing.
SHAFT: The handle of the paddle between the grip and the blade.
THROAT: Where the paddle shaft flares into the blade.
TIP: The end of the blade opposite the shaft.