Aluminum Canoes

If you are looking for a recreational canoe that you can leave at your cottage for you or your children to use on the weekends, then an aluminum canoe might be what you’re looking for.


Pros: inexpensive, very durable and virtually no maintenance.
Cons: very noisy, sticks to rocks, can get very hot in the sun, very cold in the cold weather and heavier than newer materials.

Inexpensive: You’d be pretty hard pressed to find a canoe that is made of another material for less money. If you really don’t want to spend much, then I’d recommend that you look on EBay or Kijiji for a used one.

Durable: These canoes can take a beating. I don’t recommend that you take them in white-water but you can pound on them and bang them around and they will come back for more.

Maintenance free: Aluminum canoes are practically maintenance free. Once you come off the water, just pull the canoe onto the shore, flip it upside-down and leave it. Whatever the conditions, rain, sun, etc, these canoes can take it.

Noisy: Aluminum canoes are very noisy. When you come ashore and you drag of the canoe on the rocks, it can be heard for great distances. If you hit your paddle on the side of the canoe during a stroke, everybody knows.

Sticks to rocks: These canoes tend to stick to rocks and getting off of the rocks can be a real pain. This is also the case when you are trying to push off from a rocky shore – it’s not fun.

Temperature: These canoes become very hot when they are left out in the sun. They can become so hot that you can get burned by touching it. If it is cold outside, they become very cold. They can even suck the heat out of you. Therefore, if it is cold out, you had better bundle up because, you will get cold.

Heavy: Aluminum canoes are heavier than most other types of canoes. They aren’t so heavy that you can’t portage them but other materials are just lighter.