Royalex Canoes

If you are looking for a canoe for white-water, then Royalex should be on the top of your list. Royalex is basically layers of plastic sandwiched together. There are layers of vinyl (abrasion resistant), ABS plastic (impact resistance) and foam (add stiffness and buoyancy). These are pressed together to create a tough and durable canoe.


Pros: lightweight and durable.
Cons: slow, expensive and difficult to repair.

Durable: These canoes can really take a beating and they will not show signs of wear and tear. Good Royalex canoes can smash into rocks, dent and pop right back into shape

Weight: They are lighter than most other canoes. Royalex Lite canoes can even be up to 10 pounds lighter than Royalex canoes.

Slow: These canoes tend to be almost sluggish in the water.

Price: Since this canoe is lighter and more durable, it’s only natural that it will be more expensive.

Repairs: Repairs are expensive and difficult to do. Don’t attempt the repairs yourself unless you know what you are doing.