Kevlar Canoes

If you looking for a reasonably durable, lightweight canoe that you can take on your multi-day canoe trip, that has lots of portages, then look no further. Kevlar canoes are just what you want. You won’t want to take them in white water though, because big impacts can crack the hull. While the canoes are pretty easy to repair, the repairs will always be visible.


: lightweight and durable.
Cons: expensive, difficult to repair and needs to be stored out of the sun.

Weight: Kevlar canoes are lightweight. They can weigh up to 20% less than fibreglass canoes.

Durable: They are made of the same materials as bulletproof vests. So you know that they are durable. As an extra layer of protection, some canoes have a layer of fibreglass on the outside of the hull. However, this will add a bit of weight to the canoe.

Price: These canoes are pretty much put together by hand. Plus, since they are so lightweight, it is just practical that it would be expensive. You get what you pay for, right?

Repairs: While it is reasonably easy to repair these canoes, but the repairs will always be quite visible, due to the finish.