Wooden Canoes

If you want a rustic, authentic experience, then a wooden canoe is what you should get. They are definitely the most beautiful looking canoes. Plus, they are a part of Canadian heritage. They can weigh anywhere from 60 – 80 lbs, depending on how they are made and this number will be higher when the canoe gets wet. You will have to pay good money for that authenticity and beauty as these canoes are not cheap. If you really want a wooden canoe but don’t want to spend the big bucks, you can purchase canoe building kits. This would save you some money, plus you would have the pride of knowing that you built it yourself.


: looks great.
Cons: expensive, routine maintenance and heavier than newer materials.

Looks: No other canoe on the market can match the beauty of the wooden canoe. The rustic and authentic look of these canoes are very appealing.

Price: These canoes are made by hand and because of this, they are very expensive. However, if you don’t want to pay such a huge price and you are good with your hands, then you can buy a canoe building kit and build the canoe yourself.

Fragile: Simply put, you must be careful with wooden canoes. They are fragile and cannot take much abuse.

Maintenance: You must always be mindful of the finish on wooden canoes. Pulling up on shore, hitting stumps or logs and just regular wear and tear will scratch the varnish. Routine maintenance will be required to keep your canoe looking good and functioning properly.

Weight: Wooden canoes are not the lightest canoes. They can range anywhere from 60 – 80 lbs and when they are wet, they’ll weigh more.